How I met Him? Part – 2

How I met Him? Part - 1

Let me continue on – how I met him – from the part – 1. Then, my internal review started. I felt guy is okay. But, I am not interested to get married and all. So ignore him. Also, he has attitude!! (Just because he had shared me his visiting card, I felt so!). Days went on. Problem is you can’t escape from mother! They will ignore you even if you hurt them to the core. They don’t mind troubling daughters. So I had no choice but contacting that guy. Smart thing I did was – visiting his personal blog/website and commenting on it with my phone number. So that, if he is interested he would call or message me. :P. Hmm.. he did message me and then we started whatsapping. It was all boring chats like – lunch, login, logout and HTML5 dev 😉 I told the same thing to my mom that, it will not work out, and not to irritate me. Then, one fine day, his parents confirmed the date of meeting at my native home and all were awaiting for the occasion. Meanwhile, boring conversation continued and somewhere few of our ideas and thought processes were matching (Frequency match 🙂 ).

The day has come again. His parents and family arrived and after a loooong wait (on that Sunday, it took 5 hours for them to reach my native from the place they stayed though it could be reached in max. 3 hours. I had to wait wearing Saree and whole “Alangar” family had to wait, which is the most irritating part for them, because we are never used to waiting. Everything should be on time. Very much used to timing. Can’t help.

To be continued…

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