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How I met Him? Part - 2
How I met Him? Part - 3

It was a weekend.. I had already prepared the list of to-do-items that I wanted do on that weekend.. Most importantly, “have a good late morning sleep after an oil massage hair wash! A dump of clothes for wash was already waiting for me..”! Thursday evening my mom calls me to inform that a guy is coming to meet me at my cousin’s place on that Sunday morning! What else could be the most irritating thing to a girl…other than…spoiling her planned-Sunday?!

I shouted at my mom, but had no-choice! Sacrificed my plans and prepared mentally for the meeting. Prepared in the sense, don’t imagine that I have been preparing a list of questions to ask him when I meet him, or what to ask, what not-to-ask! I was actually consoling myself, “Smitha, just one Sunday, let it go faster so that, once that guy goes off, you can enjoy rest of your upcoming Sundays peacefully.. 😉

Finally, the day arrived and the guy came.. I had to wake up at 7 and wait, as they had mentioned time as 9:00 AM for the meeting :p.

He, his friends arrived and, my dad, bro started to speak…as if they know each other very-well! I was just waiting for them to actually “get lost”, Sunday spoilers!. Funny part was since the guy has mentioned he has a meeting at 11 AM in office, (on a Sunday!, that too a US based company! Gosh!), me and my sis-in-law assumed, he is going for a date with his girl friend (unknown to his parents, by force he is meeting me, with no choice left)!

Now, the time has come! We both spoke to each other, more than speak, I only listened, except few basic questions (so called to-be-asked questions when you meet the guy first time it seems :P). It was a casual chat and they left for the day (by 11 he has a meeting, of course ;)).

Actual problem started only now..once they left! Everyone started asking how did you like him? Are you okay to go ahead with this proposal? Etc. Etc. I got irritated to the core and wanted to run away from all these. Simple solution was saying, “I don’t know, let me think, let’s meet his parents, let them get back, I have no idea, as you say – these kind of escaping answers. (It is like – placing a lamp atop a partitioning wall, ADDA GODEYA MELE DEEPA ITTA HAAGEY).

~ Smitha Ishwara Prasad Kudva

How I met Him? Part - 2
How I met Him? Part - 3

Smitha Prasad

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