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How I met Him? Part – 3

How I met Him? Part - 1
How I met Him? Part - 2

Once they arrived, elders started speaking up the same old story of family matters along with introduction and tiffin, coffee etc. All casual talks went on. Suddenly, his dad called me and said “go talk to him and let me know if you are okay to proceed. We will proceed if both of you agree”!. I felt like, “OMG!, why can’t I get a chance to run away from here ;). I was wondering and trying to overcome the shock treatment given by his dad and meanwhile, we spoke privately. And everyone wondered what we spoke in less than 5 minutes 😛 It was just –
him:”are you okay to proceed?”.
Me:”Are you okay with this? Are you sure you have no specific expectations from a life partner?”
him:”It’s all the same, anyhow everyone will have differences. are you okay?”.
Me:…..silence and stare….
him:”okay. I will convey to elders”.
Then, it all happened as if it was all in dream and this is how I met him. We are married for more than an year now! And of course, there are differences, opinions, with ego and love. But it’s all about overcoming the differences for matching the frequencies with an ego-less heart. This is what we have learnt!

~ Smitha Ishwara Prasad Kudva

How I met Him? Part - 1
How I met Him? Part - 2

Smitha Prasad

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