“Every problem is a gift. Without problems we would not grow” – Anthony Robbins

I love this quote by Tony Robbins. Be it Business, be it Personal Life or Professional Life, or any Industry or Sports for that matter, this is very true.


Now, people are talking mostly about one thing – ChatGPT..! The AI Revolution, LLM and NLP!

And, many have categorized it as a ‘threat’ or a ‘problem’! Also, there are many others, including me who claim its not a problem, but an opportunity to grow! I think we all have experienced similar buzz during introduction of social media platforms as well as smartphones. But the Covid-19 made us realize how important and relevant they were (still are!) and many have learnt about its effective usage during the pandemic.

Digital Literacy

Bernard Marr says in his article that, “those who lack digital literacy will be at a severe disadvantage when it comes to competing for jobs and business opportunities by 2030”, but I would say this is true even now, at this stage (by 2020’s only).

Take any legacy year old running famous Business. If they have not upgraded and digitized their business, they will be outdated soon (or almost outdated by now). Or a Doctor who is still following physical files for referring to patient’s medical history or previous prescriptions etc., and does not know how to use digital device or electronic recorder, will definitely face challenges in one or the other way, in case he has to shift his clinic, or the file goes missing etc.

Future of Work

All of us still continue to do whatever we have been doing, like Doctors, Engineers, Software Professionals or anyone but just need to know how to effectively use the tools, platforms and relevant technologies available in a right way and take advantages of AI and Data.

Few Examples

  • For Doctors it’s good to know how to use Electronic Recorder in summarizing patients’ medical history, diagnoses, treatments, and medications. Good to know how to use chatGPT, so that ChatGPT can provide the latest medical research and studies related to a particular condition or treatment.
  • CA’s (Charted Accountants) can get immediate response to their queries related to tax laws and regulations using chatGPT. Good to know how to use AI and Data in Accounting and Bookkeeping, and then use data to suggest efficient investments to stay ahead of others.
  • Businessman can integrate customer care with 24 support using chatGPT or use AI to create content keeping in mind competitors.
  • Software professionals, being techno-enthusiasts, can definitely assist all of the above fields to effectively use AI and provide tech support or automate few processes, use AI, chatGPT for their own training and development.

What chatGPT has to say?!

Interestingly, to learn and get some details, I took the help of ChatGPT, while writing this article about deploying an app to Kubernetes on GCP. At the end, I was curious and asked ChatGPT to choose between NGINX or Apache HTTP Server for GCP Kubernetes Engine! Its amazing and nice to see its own answer as in below screenshot.


ChatGPT Conversation


Above is self-explanatory. ChatGPT or any AI solution is still not yet able to make accurate decisions or evaluate between different choices. Also, in the near future, even if they can choose or evaluate, they would need exact details like, what type of apps do we have, what is it’s intended audience, nature of application etc. This would be again a question of Data Privacy and security for any application development firm, and human intervention is still necessary!. This is what makes the Industry Experts or the SME’s stay on top of their jobs and explore further on relevant job roles with upskilling.

Final Thoughts

I love how Bernard Marr has put it all together in his article on importance of staying up to date with tech trends, without being ignorant!

“Ignoring the arrival of AI in your profession is only likely to result in being left behind, as colleagues and competitors who are willing to move with the times reap the rewards. Right now, all we’re seeing is the tip of the iceberg. As the technology evolves, more and more aspects of all of our day-to-day work will become automated. Staying ahead of this curve, teaching yourself to use new tools as they become available, and maintaining awareness of areas where the human touch is still necessary, is the key to thriving in the age of AI”.

Featured Image Credits: https://www.projectmanager.com/