WURFL js – Decision Made Easier?

WURFL js – Decision Made Easier? :

Mobile world is still in confusion about making a decision on – device detection – whether it should be done at client-side or should we move it to server-side, and in turn about the presentation logic?

In server-side identification, when a request is made from a particular device, be it a smartphone or a tablet or anything else, the request header was processed first to check the user agent (UA). Techniques using WURFL () are very popular in this area.

In client-side device detection, when a request is made, a feature detection is enabled to identify the type of device. CSS media-queries are most popular technique used in this case.

Each of these have their own pros and cons. It depends on many factors like business requirement, cost, effort, security, support for modern technologies like HTML5 features, scalability, maintainability, performance etc and etc!

WURFL.js is a new introduction to this world from the traditional WURFL team. It helps you to detect the type of device by including a JavaScript file (WURFL.js) to your client side HTML page and process or render the pages accordingly.

Confused? Just go to – http://web.wurfl.io and do a “View Source” from your smartphone and the desktop! You will get the right answer to all your questions in a minute!

Only practical implementation and success stories would help us in judging the pros and cons of this technique. Have you tried this?

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