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We have been enjoying our trip to native for years together now, whenever we travel. Especially, if its festival season there was a great feeling of joy and happiness, which in turn would result in togetherness. We are separated for different reasons but, festivals bring us together.

Current trend with the youngsters is to travel, travel and “enjoy and have fun” in life. I am not sure if it’s good or bad. In my opinion, it has lots of cons. I don’t want to discuss the pros of it anyway, as all of us are already aware of it. And these days, even kids have answers that travelling helps increase their knowledge; relax their mind out of stress etc.

All agreed. But, why doesn’t it bring you social responsibility? Why doesn’t it teach you cleanliness? Why doesn’t it make you learn and be more aware of nature? Why doesn’t it encourage you to plant more trees? Why doesn’t it teach you to be cautious while driving? Why doesn’t it make you learn overtaking from left is prohibited? Why are you not a self-responsible driver with a sense of high-way driving? Why are you not able to differentiate between city and highway driving? Why are you not aware that you need to maintain gap between the vehicles, so that you can stop as and when required in emergency? Why are you not learning to be patient?

Why are you not teaching your kids to flush after use in public toilets? Why are you not teaching your kids to not waste food? Why are you not respecting the culture of the place and its natural heritage? Is enjoying alone your way of living? If your city or the road is not clean, do you know how much is your contribution towards it? Do you know if there are chain accidents, what is your responsibility over it – not following lane discipline, not using foot-over Bridge, not following traffic rules?

I know it’s easy to comment but not to follow. But, there is an urgent need to address all these at the earliest. I think we are seeing a tremendous growth in tourism in Karnataka (and whole of India + the world). But, this has led only to money and growth of business, but not contributing towards social responsibility, which is meaningless, even if you are highly educated.

I have these questions based on my own experience with recent travelling to my native and our beautiful and clean City Mysore! Just look around near Brindavana Garden, you will definitely find plastics and garbage thrown here and there near the water body and nobody cares!

KRS Brindhavana
KRS Brindhavana
KRS Brindhavana
KRS Brindhavana

Travelling till Hassana city from Bangalore is another mess. You have four lane roads, yet no one follows the rules and you will feel frustrated once you reach Hassana. I remind my husband, to be careful with two-wheelers, especially those bikes. They never follow the lane discipline, and I feel pity on their innocent parents. I have seen few of my friend’s parents suffer after they hear so many incidents that happen with the bikers. Why are you not self-responsible and take care of your own to be safe and help others be safe on the road? Same with few four wheelers, never follow lane-discipline. Few who drive on the right lane do not even know, right lane is meant for vehicles that drive at a speed!

Hear our plea Mr.PM / PMO

Dear PMO, we never want our roads to be improved. I, as a Mangalorean is happy with whatever the road and transport facility we have currently. I plead to leave it as is. Only we natives would travel there. We don’t want to develop, grow and contribute to world economy, with the cost of destroying natural and ecological balance. We don’t mind even if the road condition is worse than that it was in 2000s or 90’s.  Because, we were used to it and every one of us were sensible enough to drive safely or travel safely over the ghat section.

We never had stupid’s who overtake from left or not allow others to overtake or bus drivers who do not cut to side as and when required or we never had idiots who simply honk if you try to overtake and seeing the risk come back to the left suddenly to avoid accidents. We did not have people who never had idiots who park on the curve and so called “enjoy” the nature and small water bodies! We never had stupid people around who used to park at the turning point or immediately after the turning point!

Sakleshpura to Gundya was all green areas with huge forest and we used to love the greenery. We had no stupid ministers who had deforestation projects for some stupid ideas of lifting water or making a clean and superb high-way. My stomach had a burning sense when I saw huge tree cut down going on for this road widening and high-way project L

Ladhaki Style:

I have seen on TV and pictures how Ladakhi’s survive and we are far better than them. So, please leave our Shiradi ghat as is. We do not want any development at the cost of deforestation and struggle for rain and water in our native. I had stayed for nearly 5 days in the month of August in my native home and saw only a very small rainfall, that too only for a day! In 2010-11, it was 10 times more than this. Hope, anybody would understand the situation now. Earlier, only people who had need to visit and sensible used to visit Managluru and surrounding places, now everything is a business and so called “fun”.

Horrible traffic, no discipline, nothing! If you look at the dump and plastics and other wastes throughout the ghat and around beautiful Sakleshpura, you will never feel once upon a time it was your own beautiful nature!

Ah! From Vitla to Mangaluru City, it’s a journey of maximum an hour. But we had a surprise there too this time around! Guess what?! Police and security throughout Kalladka for that known incident! Arey! We used to celebrate Ashtami or Eid or Christams with togetherness always. For some stupidity of our own politicians, people have given up their own peace! Yenchina Savu Marre! L

Dear responsible and so called educated citizens of India please save nature for God’s sake for your children and at least be sensible enough to keep your own surroundings clean.

Idannella nodida matte, Ganesha habbakke matte oorige hogalu manassaguttilla. We found another better way to travel (that is also being ruined but not to the extent of Shiradi, Madikeri or Charmadi) L

Hope there are many natives who are feeling the same, unable to express, being helpless, and watching it idle! Let’s save Sakleshpura to Mangaluru, let’s not allow it to be another Bengaluru, in the name of development and fun! Bengaluru is already out of control and moving towards becoming another Delhi for India!


Smitha Prasad

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