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HTML5 Web Speech API

Good news for all those who have been waiting for speech recognition and synthesis. HTML5 has published it’s draft specification on – Web Speech API for speech recognition by browser. Many of you must have already experienced this in your mobile device – Voice Search!

HTML5 Web Speech API has 2 parts :

Speech Recognition: This part of the API helps in identifying or recognising the user’s voice or speech.
Speech Synthesis: This part helps in synthesising the recognised voice and convert it to text. Speech to text synthesis.

Latest version of Chrome (above 40), chrome for android and iOS 7.1 have partial support for the API at present. You can still get the latest updates on browser support from – here!

This requires an Internet connection as this is implemented in such a way that the speech recognition and synthesis happen at Google using it’s web services (where they have algorithms for this) and this may rise a security concern as sensitive data form filling can not be accomplished by this. But, we can write our own web services utilising this Speech API(TBD:How Exactly to do this?). HTML5 offline support may be another soon to be implemented option.

At present, android supports offline voice search with its own settings, and Android APIs/offline library as explained  here!

Please share your experience if you could access the API offline, without setting the offline settings for Android.

Please read details here:

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