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Eat healthfully Feel great

Rich sauces, fried foods and sugary desserts taste great and can be hard to resist. However, if you eat too much of these kinds of foods that are high in fat and calories, you may feel sluggish and guilty. The extra pounds can build up while your energy level goes down. Making a few healthful changes to the way you eat can make a big difference in how you feel.

Create a food diary

Take an honest look at your eating habits. Each day, write down everything you eat and drink. Be sure to include all those quick nibbles. At the end of the week, your diary might surprise you.

Tips for healthful eating

Is it really hunger? Don’t eat out of habit, boredom or just because food is near.

Try following these tips:

  • Control portion size Take the focus off how much. Put it on variety. Small amounts of several foods can keep your meals fun. Use a smaller plate to limit how much you take.
  • Eat slowly Savor flavors and smells. Notice the visual appeal of your meal. It can take 20 minutes for your stomach to feel full. The faster you eat, the more likely  you are to overeat.
  • Skip seconds Make it a rule not to take second helpings. Remember that tomorrow will bring good things to eat, too.
  • Limit high-fat, high-calorie desserts. Try to eat dessert half as often as you do now. Or, if you need something sweet, try fruit as a dessert instead.
  • Don’t skip meals: When you come to the table starved, you’re more likely to overeat. Plus, you’re more likely to eat the wrong foods.
  • Never say never: Don’t try to always avoid your favorite foods. But, plan on when and how much you’ll have. Or, you might give in to sudden cravings.
  • Don’t sabotage yourself: There always seems to be a perfect excuse for having too much “just this once.” Maybe you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday or holiday. Don’t let these occasions stand between you and your health.

Adopt healthful habits

Think carefully before you eat:

  • Limit foods with full-fat cheese or cream sauces and mayo.
  • Choose meats and fish that are grilled or broiled rather than fried.
  • Eat steamed vegetables. Limit butter, margarine or cream sauces.
  • If you use salad dressing, use a low-fat one.
  • Avoid empty calories like those found in sugar-sweetened beverages and alcohol.
  • Drink an adequate amount of water each day.
  • When snacking, choose unsalted, whole-grain pretzels; air-popped popcorn; low-fat yogurt or fresh fruit.
  • Try not to eat anything close to bedtime.
  • Remember, “fat-free” doesn’t always mean“calorie-free.”
  • Limit take-out meals or fast food.



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