Bootstrap Migrating from 2.x to 3.0

Bootstrap Migrating from 2.x to 3.0

Bootstrap 3 is not backwards compatible with v2.x. Use this section as a general guide to upgrading from v2.x to v3.0. For a broader overview, see what’s new in the v3.0 release announcement.

Major class changes
This table shows the style changes between v2.x and v3.0.

Bootstrap 2.x Bootstrap 3.0
.container-fluid .container
.row-fluid .row
.span* .col-md-*
.offset* .col-md-offset-*
.brand .navbar-brand
.nav-collapse .navbar-collapse
.nav-toggle .navbar-toggle
.btn-navbar .navbar-btn
.hero-unit .jumbotron
.icon-* .glyphicon .glyphicon-*
.btn .btn .btn-default
.btn-mini .btn-xs
.btn-small .btn-sm
.btn-large .btn-lg
.alert-error .alert-danger
.visible-phone .visible-xs
.visible-tablet .visible-sm
.visible-desktop Split into .visible-md .visible-lg
.hidden-phone .hidden-xs
.hidden-tablet .hidden-sm
.hidden-desktop Split into .hidden-md .hidden-lg
.input-small .input-sm
.input-large .input-lg
.control-group .form-group
.control-group.warning .control-group.error .control-group.success .form-group.has-*
.checkbox.inline .radio.inline .checkbox-inline .radio-inline
.input-prepend .input-append .input-group
.add-on .input-group-addon
.img-polaroid .img-thumbnail
ul.unstyled .list-unstyled
ul.inline .list-inline
.muted .text-muted
.label .label .label-default
.label-important .label-danger
.text-error .text-danger
.table .error .table .danger
.bar .progress-bar
.bar-* .progress-bar-*
.accordion .panel-group
.accordion-group .panel .panel-default
.accordion-heading .panel-heading
.accordion-body .panel-collapse
.accordion-inner .panel-body

What’s new

Bootstrap added new elements and changed some existing ones. Here are the new or updated styles.

Element Description
Panels .panel .panel-default .panel-body .panel-title .panel-heading .panel-footer .panel-collapse
List groups .list-group .list-group-item .list-group-item-text .list-group-item-heading
Glyphicons .glyphicon
Jumbotron .jumbotron
Extra small grid (<768px) .col-xs-*
Small grid (≥768px) .col-sm-*
Medium grid (≥992px) .col-md-*
Large grid (≥1200px) .col-lg-*
Responsive utility classes (≥1200px) .visible-lg .hidden-lg
Offsets .col-sm-offset-* .col-md-offset-* .col-lg-offset-*
Push .col-sm-push-* .col-md-push-* .col-lg-push-*
Pull .col-sm-pull-* .col-md-pull-* .col-lg-pull-*
Input groups .input-group .input-group-addon .input-group-btn
Form controls .form-control .form-group
Button group sizes .btn-group-xs .btn-group-sm .btn-group-lg
Navbar text .navbar-text
Navbar header .navbar-header
Justified tabs / pills .nav-justified
Responsive images .img-responsive
Contextual table rows .success .danger .warning .active
Contextual panels .panel-success .panel-danger .panel-warning .panel-info
Modal .modal-dialog .modal-content
Thumbnail image .img-thumbnail
Well sizes .well-sm .well-lg
Alert links .alert-link

What’s removed

The following elements have been dropped or changed in v3.0.

Element Removed from 2.x 3.0 Equivalent
Form actions .form-actions N/A
Search form .form-search N/A
Form group with info N/A
Fluid container .container-fluid .container (no more fixed grid)
Fluid row .row-fluid .row (no more fixed grid)
Controls wrapper .controls N/A
Controls row .controls-row .row or .form-group
Navbar inner .navbar-inner N/A
Navbar vertical dividers .navbar .divider-vertical N/A
Dropdown submenu .dropdown-submenu N/A
Tab alignments .tabs-left .tabs-right .tabs-below N/A
Nav lists .nav-list .nav-header No direct equivalent, but list groups and .panel-groups are similar.

Additional notes

Other changes in v3.0 are not immediately apparent. Base classes, key styles, and behaviors have been adjusted for flexibility and our mobile first approach. Here’s a partial list:

  • By default, text-based form controls now receive only minimal styling. For focus colors and rounded corners, apply the .form-control class on the element to style.
  • Text-based form controls with the .form-control class applied are now 100% wide by default. Wrap inputs inside <div></div> to control input widths.
  • .badge no longer has contextual (-success,-primary,etc..) classes.
  • .btn must also use .btn-default to get the “default” button.
  • .container and .row are now fluid (percentage-based).
  • Images are no longer responsive by default. Use .img-responsive for fluid <img> size.
  • The icons, now .glyphicon, are now font based. Icons also require a base and icon class (e.g. .glyphicon .glyphicon-asterisk).
  • Typeahead has been dropped, in favor of using Twitter Typeahead.
  • Modal markup has changed significantly. The .modal-header, .modal-body, and .modal-footer sections are now wrapped in .modal-content and .modal-dialog for better mobile styling and behavior.
  • The HTML loaded by the remote modal option is now injected into the .modal instead of into the .modal-body. This allows you to also easily vary the header and footer of the modal, not just the modal body.
  • JavaScript events are namespaced. For example, to handle the modal “show” event, use ''. For tabs “shown” use '', etc.

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